Internal Conflict In Night By Elie Wiesel

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In Eli Wiesel´s the ¨Night¨ the internal conflict is within himself and his struggle to maintain his belief in god. In the beginning of the story Elie writes ¨Eight words spoken quietly, indifferently, without emotion.¨ what he is talking about is the order an SS officer gave which was ¨Men to the left! Women to the right!¨, these ¨eight words¨ changed his life forever, because that was the last time he saw his mother and two sisters. A bit later in the story he writes about a question he was asked by a strange man, the question was ¨Here, kid, how old are you?¨ Elie answered 15, this enraged the man he said ¨No. Eighteen.¨. Elie didnt know this yet but this stranger saved his and his fathers lives by telling them to lie about their age. The
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