Internal Conflict In The Awakening

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The Awakening by Kate Chopin, is a highly acclaimed and controversial classic which is widely accepted as a big cornerstone for the women's movement. It can be said that such piece of literature helped lay some of the foundations for the political theory of feminism, and it suggested and inspired many women to seek their equality. This is mainly because the book itself explores the physical, emotional and mental state of Edna Pontellier, whose goal was to step out of the boundaries of a stereotypical Victorian wife. The main conflict of the narrative could be explained as an internal struggle, in which the protagonist begins a process to seek her desires, her inner self and even love. Those reasons alone are enough evidence to imply that The Awakening's plot is themed around an internal chain of discoveries and realizations.

External conflicts are a battle, which is usually characterized by the tribulations of an individual(s)
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However, a conflict isn't required to be about external hostility or outer interactions; just as seen from The Awakening. The book was written in such way that it creates a sense of action and adventure, which takes place through the many thoughts and emotions of the main protagonist. Nonetheless, the goal of the author was to create a climax by introducing and exploring Edna's desires, her inner exploration and possible love interest(s). This approach works as previously said; by creating an imaginary web of actions and events which create a sense of movement within the plot. On the other hand, perhaps, it is possible that the book was made to be an internal conflict, to be used as a form of passive protest against the many anti-feminist ideals, but that's just a vague and distant
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