Internal Conflict In The Kite Runner

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Novels can augment our perspective on the nature of mankind. One such book is Khaled Hosseini’s novel, The Kite Runner. The book follows a character named Amir as he goes through life as a child as well as his deep friendship with a boy named Hassan. A series of unfortunate events escalate a conflict prompting Amir with the need to resolve them. The book begins in medias res, until a phone call prompts the book to start back in the years of his youth. In the novel, Hosseini uses Amir’s internal conflict highlights how unresolved guilt and fear can negatively impact one’s life. Hassan’s rape initiates the internal conflict in Amir that lasts the rest of his young adult life. Assef rapes Hassan after the kite running competition prompting Amir to run away in terror and fear. After the incident, Amir celebrates the victory of…show more content…
Amir feels guilty for his indolence during the incident that occured in the alleyway. This overthinking condition that fall over Amir displays the internal struggle with himself and his moral conscience, creating feelings of regret for not giving back to Hassan’s benign loyalty. As time goes on, Amir requests Hassan to come with him to the hill. When they reach there, Amir asks what Hassan would do if he threw pomegranate seeds at Hassan. Amir then pelts Hassan with the pomegranate seeds, until he cries, “What am I going to do with you, Hassan? What am I going to do with you?” (93). The repetition of Amir’s question emphasizes the wrenching pain that he feels, thus creating a mournful tone. The mournful tone alludes to Amir’s raging internal conflict that bursts in an explosion of strong emotions, especially guilt and anger. Amir’s internal conflict negatively impacts his characterization by characterizing him as fearful. Amir’s growth is marked by his reluctance to solve his past transgressions. Many years later, when he is about to marry Soraya Taheri due to Baba discussing with General Sahib about the matter, Soraya tells

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