Kim's Convenience Character Analysis

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In the play Kim’s Convenience, the store has always been at the heart of the discussion. Time again, Appa made it clear that he wants his children to one day take over and continue the family business. His expectations seem to linger throughout the story, never letting go and always finding Its way into the conversation. However, the problem within the Kim family touches on the internal conflict that people from all walks of life have once seen or felt. The dialogue about character provides an inspiring message about how powerful it can be to act upon oneself’s convictions and power through the obstructions posed by others. As a former prime minister of the UK once said: “watch your words for they become your actions, watch your actions…show more content…
I think that from Appa’s story, there is much that can be learned. His style, conduct, and principles have done plenty to shape his character. Always keeping his head down when it counted, working, never taking a break and maintaining that absolute concentration. Evaluating the issue, adapting to the environment and having a work ready mentality each and every day. Coming to the realization that one day he won’t be able to continue what he started and making that thought heard. These are all simple things that everyday people can pick up on and develop, I certainly find them intriguing. So there it is, the golden apple, character. It’s something that makes for a great person and someone who can lead the way for others. An inspiring story about a family working hard towards a better life couldn’t have been a better place to demonstrate the power of someone who can undertake a dominant role and be the one to get it done. In Appa’s case, his strong sense of persistence and leadership abled him to see his greatest hopes come to life before his eyes, keeping the Kim store alive. A desire to get results and the will to stop at nothing, that my friends, is
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