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Internal conflicts-civil wars
Civil war can be seen as the armed conflict between the class, ethnic, political or other antagonistic social groups within a country, led to achieving certain political and economic goals. It occurs as a result of accumulated and unresolved social, economic, political, ethnic and other contradictions in a society.
After the World War II, in the world was led or still is 69 internal conflicts, i.e. civil wars.
According to the analysis of the magazine "National Geographic", currently in the world is led 12 active conflicts that took more than 1,000 victims a year, which according to the characterization of the United Nations classifies them as wars. In addition, in the world is being led on many minor
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Modern terrorism is not conducted only by one man or one political regime. Today's terrorism represents premeditated violence that is politically motivated and is mainly carried out on the civilian (non-military) targets by terrorist groups or individuals. Those who apply terrorism, regardless of their secular or religious goals, seek to undermine the rule of law and to impose change through violence and fear. Terrorism is, roughly speaking, trying to be a sensation, which is best evidenced by the execution carried out by the Islamic State.
Some of the problems the modern world is facing in countering terrorism are: (a) many countries have not yet acceded to the international conventions to combat terrorism; (B) insufficient financial funds for the functioning of the authority of the Security Council and the assistance to states for the implementation of their anti-terrorism program; (C) the lack of a single definition of terrorism; (D) the existence of double standards in the approach to terrorism,

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