A Thousand Splendid Suns Personal Response

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Life is not a bed of roses. Everyone on this earth suffer in one way or the other. But as human beings we aim for a life which is free from tribulations. When we watch a movie or when we read a novel, we feel and look into the characters as if they are closely related to us. Wherever we are on this earth, be a native or an alien the sufferings and happiness are one and the same, may the intensity varies. Khaled Hosseini could successfully bring out his internal emotions with respect to his country. Though he stays in America, his second novel “A Thousand Splendid Suns” reveals his reminiscences of thirty years of turbulent Afghan history. His family also moved to America where he became a doctor. He optimistically returned to his home land after twenty seven years. Several incidents from his life are reflected in the story like he shows how Laila’s father Baba wanted girls to be educated as…show more content…
It moves the reader’s inner conscience as the novel revolves through wars, struggle between the family members and starvation. The story starts with Mariam Jo’s introduction as a five year old girl, who eagerly waits for her father, Jalil Khan, who visits her only on every Thursday. Her only companion was her mother Nana, who was molested in the hands of Jalil Khan and decided to lead a secluded life away from the prying eyes. Nana hates her distressful life and shows her agony by calling Mariam as harami, though the girl doesn’t understand the meaning of it. Even though she wasn’t the legitimate heir as her nine siblings, Jalil was a true hero in her eyes as she was always happy with him. Mariam was a simple girl who loved both her parents. In spite of her mother warnings she trusted her father and gets shocked when he gets her married to an aged man and sends her to Kabul with him. One can imagine how her heart ached when she says, “Don’t come. I won’t see you. Don’t you come? I don’t want to hear from you. Ever.
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