Internal Environmental Analysis In Health Care

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Evaluate the importance of an internal environmental analysis for a health care organization. Determine three specific reasons why an internal analysis has become an important activity for healthcare organizations. Per Ginter, Duncan, & Swayne (2013), “Internal environmental analysis in sometimes accomplished by evaluating functional areas such as clinical operations. An internal environmental analysis is a path of evaluating and identifying the specific characteristics of an organization. These characteristics may include core competence, capabilities, and resources. The internal analysis involves looking at the organization’s current vision, mission, financial and strategic objective and strategies. An internal analysis involves looking at an organization’s current…show more content…
To increase the value of services offered, the clinic can focus on what it gives its clients, rather than the cost of services. The services offered to the client should be of high quality and delivered in the most appropriate manner. Another way of increasing service value at the clinic is by accepting clients to use their medical insurance, which helps in lowering the cost paid by cash. Another way of increasing the value of services at the clinic is offering services based on up-to-date information and using up-to-date technology. Physical resources may include equipment and plant, and medical supplies. Physical resources give a healthcare organization a competitive advantage, by, for example, using up-to-date equipment’s, and having quality and enough medical supplies aid in offering quality services. Human resources in a healthcare organization may include employee 's skills and management, and training experience. This put a healthcare organization on a competitive edge as qualified personnel and management ensure that clients get the best treatment services
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