Internal Evil In Lord Of The Flies

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A student named Megan Sprance once wrote, “For there is something of an internal evil in all of us, regardless of whether we choose to embrace or suppress it, it is there.” Every single human that has ever lived has an evil aspect or spirit that comes within. It is something that cannot be avoided. Through history we have seen various events that prove the wickedness that humans are capable of. There have been men that kill their own people, others do not stop at anything to gain power, or separate people because of their physical aspect. The idea that humans are essentially evil, is something that can be learned from history and a concept that is shown through the book Lord of the Flies by William Golding. Humans are cruel creatures. One of the reasons that make this statement true is that there are many examples in which humans fall into the temptation and enjoyment of killing other living beings. In the book, the character Roger is presented as the true evil that shifts through Planet Earth. He receives enjoyment from causing harm to other children in the island. Golding wrote, “The storm of sound beat at them, an indication of hatred. High overhead, Roger, with a sense of delirious abandonment leaned all his weight on the lever”(Golding 180). As explained later, this causes the death of Piggy and it is an event planned by Roger. This character portrays the true darkness that is a part of everyone that has ever lived. This is an extremely powerful idea showing the true nature of humans and…show more content…
It is our nature, something that cannot be avoided. Cruelty is a message written in the book and though others events in history. Some kill, other want power and the rest will separate people just because of their appearances. Historical and book events show how human are truly evil and even though we cannot avoid the evilness that comes within we can hope to bring out the best of each of us to have a world where such events do not
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