Internal Factors Affecting Buying Behavior

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According to the Global New Product Database (GNDP) over 20,000 new products are launched per month in the world. Such a rapid growth in the consumer market leaves the marketers with a tough challenge of making their product standout and to be sold.
The enclosure of any physical product which needs to be presented for sale is known as packaging (Mishra, Hari Govind; Jain, Deepak 2012)1
According to Kotler, all the activities of designing and producing the container for a product are included in packaging. Packaging serves the functions of safety, advertising and simplification of use and storage of the product (Gaafar Mohamed Abdalkrim, Ra'id Suleman
The product and package stand as one entity in consumer’s mind and
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Factors influencing buying behavior:
Consumer buying behavior is influenced by both internal and external factors
Internal Factors:
The very first thing that comes under the internal factor is Perception. How your consumers form feelings through interpreting the information from their knowledge and experience. Second thing is marketer should analyze the personalities and attitudes of their consumers; this could expand their product’s target audience because consumers take purchase decisions to support their self concept. Consumer’s life styles are now shifting towards healthier and independent lifestyle. So the motivation factor also exerts impact that how much efforts their consumers willing to put in their purchase decisions.
External factors: Interactions and observations from the society are the big players in developing the consumer buying behavior. Family, friends, culture, social class strongly influence that what people wear, what they eat, where and how they want to travel.
Consumer’s buying behavior has significant relationship with brand image and
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After looking a well labeled product, consumers buy more quantity of that product so the consumer buying behavior is being influenced by labeling. (saeed,R., Lodhi R.N., Rauf, A., Rana, Mahmood and Ahmed, 2013)
Customer’s buying behavior is stimulates by packaging and it works as an instrument or tool that helps consumers in making the purchase decision and make differentiation from wide range of parallel products. (Wells, L.E., Farley, H., and armstrong, G.A., 2007)
More recently, studies examined that effects of product imagery on packaging
(Underwood, Klein and Burke, 2001), during brand choice visual attention
(Pieters and warlops, 2009) and measuring the impact of package appearance on consumer attention, evaluation and categorization are being considered as the visual impact of product packaging. According to (Butkeviciene, Stravinskiene and A.Rutelione, 2008) to justify the use of sales packaging, impulse buying is a relevant factor in retailing. However one thing that is more important is Optimization. To apply sales packaging is costly from an environmental and

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