Internal Factors In The Educational Industry

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This report looks into the internal factors that influences management’s decisions in the educational industry. Internal factors refers to issues that occur within an industry that affects how the business operates. Identifying these internal factors allows management to consider the most appropriate strategic approach to maneuver and address these factors; while pursuing a successful business for the future. The educational industry is comprised of elementary, secondary and postsecondary education sectors. Although the academic foundation of each of these sectors are the same, the way they operate differs. As students climb up the educational ladder, the competition to draw more students to their institution is the drive for most postsecondary…show more content…
Thus, the RBV gives an internal view of both the tangible and intangible assets of the company. In retrospect, tangible assets, can be replicated by competitors and loses its creditability to students deciding on which institution to attend. Thus the benefit for all postsecondary institution is to establish resources that are intangible. By implementing the RBV model postsecondary institutions can identify all of their resources internally; however, this may pose a handicap view on the company strategic practices to stay competitive in their respective…show more content…
Through this analysis, institution can implement strategic practices to ensure its competitive sustainability, and function to its highest regard to the service they provide. The VCA exists when all of its resources and personnel involved operate in a way to maximize the value of the company. Thus, VCA includes an array of activities that are implemented and performed within a company to produce a certain outcome. Over the years, postsecondary institutions have had to constantly change its viewpoint and education curriculum, and method of disseminating the knowledge to their students. This challenge has opened new doors in the basic operation of the school system. Yet, the sole purpose of all postsecondary institution is to provide the proper tools their students’ needs to excel in their career and in life. The challenge to provide this type of service with limited funds and resources poses a problem for most institutions. As a result, tuition seem to be on the rise to meet the needs of this education

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