Internal Factors In Organizations

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Internal factors in an organization include strength and weaknesses. The strength of employees is also a vital internal business factor. Internal factors can determine how the organization can meet its objectives. To assess the company’s internal environment with respect to employee’s goals, a survey was conducted to detergent the culture, attitudes, willingness to change and competencies of employee’s goal setting.
Engaged employees who are motivated, talented and hard-working performances are what managers expect from employees. These employees produce more effectively and efficient than those employees who are unmotivated. The role of the company’s leadership style is also an important internal factor. This can impact the organizational
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House “An explanation of the effects of leader behavior on subordinate satisfaction, motivation, and performance is presented”. “The explanation is derived from a path-goal theory of motivation”(1971). The goal is for managers to help employees implement and to increase motivation, and empowering their satisfaction, so that they can become more productive employees. This will enable employees to help Kapilaco meet their goals. Kapilaco visible and transparent, employees has a better view of how they can contribute to the success of the organization. Employees understanding of the objectives can lead to higher engagement in the workplace. Managers encourage employees to set their individuals goals by coordinating their contributions to the organization.
According to Northhouse “the path-goal theory can best be thought of as a process in which leaders select specific behaviors that are best suited to the employees’ needs and the working environment so that they may best guide the employees through their path in the attainment of their daily work activities (goals) (Northouse, 2013). Employee
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Employees at Kapilaco are expected to practice ethical practices with customers in order to meet internal goals. Employee goals can be a very powerful tool. However, some employees can become obsessed with achieving their goals that they neglect the internal environment of the organization. Managers at Kapilaco have encouraged employees in accomplishing their goals. However, management is aware that goal difficulty and goal acceptance are two attributes that must be considered in order to get employees to strive to attain specific, relatively goals within the organization as well as obtaining their own
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