Internal Factors Of Child Development Essay

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2.1 Explain how children and young people’s development is influenced by personal factors. Health Status – When a child is born, if there are issues relating to the mother i.e. drug or alcohol use, this can cause a baby to be born small or suffer from foetal alcohol syndrome. This can result in delay of development. After birth the baby will be smaller than average and can sometimes be born with deformed limbs, this can then limit them at school with taking part in certain sporting activities. Children with foetal alcohol syndrome may go on to misuse drugs and alcohol, become expelled from school due to poor behaviour or develop mental health problems. Social skills can “Fetal alcohol syndrome is not just a childhood disorder; there is a…show more content…
Poverty and deprivation - children from poor families and deprived areas are known to perform less and statistics have proven this, this is due to many factors from lack of food which leads to lack of concentration or a parent being unable to meet their educational needs, i.e. unable to afford school trips, basic school equipment or uniform. A deprived child can then feel isolated and have low self-esteem. Family environment and background – a child can be affected due to different circumstances within the home. This can anything from bereavement, parents separating or job loss. A child can then display behavioural problems and have poor communication. For example when my younger foster brother first joined our family, due to his background and having different placements he was very unsettled and this was displayed through his behaviour at school resulting in him being behind with his schoolwork and struggling with his education. However he has now been with our family for a long period of time and has settled in well at home and school. He no longer displays challenging behaviour and is doing well at
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