Internal Factors Of Juvenile Delinquency

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Delinquency is an act which violates or distorts the social norm, rule of law, norm group generates riot or disturb and harm himself and his public tranquility, so that the authorities are forced to take security measures.
Syafei (scientists Sociology) suggests that juvenile delinquency or in the English language is known as Juvenile delinquency is a social pathological symptoms in adolescents is caused by a form of ignoring the sosial.akibatnya, developed a form of deviant behavior. Santrock argued that juvenile delinquency is a collection of various adolescent behaviors that are not socially acceptable to occur criminal acts.
Behaviour 'naughty ' teens can be caused by internal factors and external factors:
• Internal factors
Internal factors, namely a factor derived from the juvenile concerned itself. These factors include the following:
1. Identity-crisis
Biological and sociological changes in adolescent self allows the integration of two forms.First, the formation of a sense of consistency in his life. Secondly, the achievement of role identity. Juvenile delinquency generally occur because teens fail to reach the second integration period.

2. Factors puberty
Junior and senior high school period is a period in which a teenager has a huge desire tehadap thing - it smells of sexuality. If they do not get good sex education they will seek their own way. This encourages them to misbehave.

3. Weakself-control
Teenagers who can not learn and distinguish

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