Internal Flaws In Macbeth

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“God is lining things up for you. He always has been and always will” (brainyquote) Ambition and failure don’t seem connected for failure is perceived as bad and ambition is a way to getting somewhere good. Failure and ambition creates a bad mix of thought and causes internal flaws. These people took their ambitions and went to the extremes to get their, but failing than succeeding. Lady Macbeth, Kiah and Empress Elisabeth of Austria were seen as crazy for the decisions they made, which were their own internal flaws.

Lady Macbeth’s failure was internal with her want for her husband to be king. She talked after the murder, “A little water clears us of this deed. How easy is it, then!”(86-87) Lady Macbeth’s internal flaw based on this quote
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After being scolded for her incorrect behavior, she decided she was going to change to fit their standards. As it is told that she wasn’t ready for what was presented to her,”The marriage thrust her into the much more formal Habsburg court life, for which she was ill-prepared and which she found uncongenial.” She was very young and got married at the age of sixteen, since she was faced with so many challenges at a young age she started to have many problems. Empress Sisi started to care about her appearance and had anorexia and was bulimic and focused and being very thin and youthful. She later in life was very lonely and started doing bad things to herself, “Elisabeth slept very little and spent hours reading and writing at night, and even took up smoking, a shocking habit for women which made her the further subject of already avid gossip.” She chose to fill the void with bad habits and poor health decisions, it was her internal flaw to harm herself with those bad habits. Society saw her as beautiful and youthful, but silly for the things she has done during her reign. She was later lonely in life with her husband dying and her children being taken away and was also assassinated after being Empress of Austria for forty four years. She was failed by herself with the ambition to please everyone, but made bad choices through her life that made people
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