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The Dress Many families have issues. Some more serious than others. They vary from insignificant to significant as well as internal to external. Most issues can be sorted out as long as the family members are flexible and good at communicating. In Julia Darling’s story The Dress, a family consisting of a mom with two daughters is struggling with internal issues. The narrative point of view in The Dress is the third person. We start by hearing the story from Rachel’s point of view, which makes us feel sorry for her. She is angry with her sister, Flora, for stealing her dress, which is understandable. Thereafter we hear the story from Flora’s perspective so we feel pity for her instead. She says about the dress: “It made her feel taller,…show more content…
It represents Rachel who is the tall, brave, clever and confident one of the two sisters. What Flora wishes to accomplish with wearing Rachel’s dress is to gain some of her qualities and their mother’s acceptance. She envies her sister and wants to be more like her so that their mother will accept her. Instead, she ends up ruining the dress, sending Rachel away and making their mother angry. By ruining the dress, Flora also kind of ruins what keeps Rachel staying with them because now she has had enough of Flora’s bad behavior. When the dress is gone so is Rachel. One of the main themes in The Dress is sibling rivalry. Rachel and Flora are constantly fighting for their mother’s acceptance. Rachel has it while Flora does not. Rachel keeps up the good behavior and image while Flora keeps being the black sheep of the family. Another important theme in the story is acceptance. The reason why Flora steals Rachel’s dress is that she wishes to become more like her because she has their mother’s acceptance. All in all The Dress is a story about a family with internal issues. These issues have arisen because of lack of communication and flexibility. If Rachel, Flora and the mother started communicating, they could find common ground. Moreover, if the mother was more flexible she would be able to see that not everything has to be just the way she wants it to be and she would be able to accept Flora for who she

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