Internal Market Factors Affect The Internal Business Environment

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Internal market factors refer to variables within the organization that affect the internal business environment and ultimately affect the functioning and success of the organization. The essential key success for companies is to control the internal and external factors of the market. The company has the potential to control internal factors that arise within the company. Commonly, company management, employee strength and financial stability are part of internal factors. The company 's organization, leadership, structure, Internet connection and system error are very important for a stable business environment. A well-structured organization will lead to the archiving of the company 's vision and mission. This is because a well-structured organization will surely lead to a good direction towards achievement. The corporate environment will always be under the supervision, regulated and not misleading or abusive of the authority. All department heads and managers will fulfil their duty…show more content…
The external factor refers to factors external to the organization that are beyond its control. External factors can include few forms, such as social, technological, and political. The social environment of the country influences the functioning of the company as it determines the company 's value system. Sociological factors establish the culture of work, labour mobility and the working group. These factors include people 's vision of the new system. Lifestyle changes also lead to new trends that influence the activities of our company in any part of the economy. Thus, technological factors influence the business environment related to the application of technology in the markets. The quality and type of technology used in the company determine the quality of the service. In our company, we use universal remote-control applications. Therefore, the technology here should be able to use all the time and anywhere and our company needs to solve the situation due to a network

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