Internal Medicine Physician Accomplishments

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Overcoming obstacles and improving myself through clinical experience, I learned of other essential qualities needed for success in the field. My greatest time of growth was during my junior residency in internal medicine. Working closely with physicians and developing a rapport with patients, I greatly enjoyed experiencing several areas of the field, from outpatient medicine to ICU to CCU. While the days were long and demanding, I left each night knowing that I had helped relieve my patients’ illness. That’s the reason I am only applying to Internal Medicine as my career; I am the type of person who has always had an acute awareness of other people’s suffering, which has led me to be an empathetic and caring physician. Whether it is a patient who is non-compliant with his hypertensive medications, or someone fighting with the pancreatic cancer, my job as an internist is to help them…show more content…
Internal medicine physicians with whom I have worked have demonstrated for me the importance of compassionate patient care, a broad understanding of health issues, to take my decisions independently and the ability to treat the whole patient. I am applying to your program because I am confident that it can provide me with what I am looking for in a program - advanced medical technologies, knowledge-driven environment, research opportunities and most importantly diversity in residents, where I get a chance to build life-long friendships with my colleagues. While I know I cannot predict the future, 5 years from now my goal is to continue my training with a cardiology fellowship, though I am willing to consider other fellowships as well depending on my exposure. I truly believe that your program will help me become a fantastic physician. I feel I am ready to work for it and earn it, no matter what specialty I ultimately decide to
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