Starbucks Consumer Purchase Process

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People are driven by a variety of factors and there are many different internal motivations and external influences that affect a consumer’s decision to visit an establishment or make a purchase. By creating a detailed consumer profile Starbucks can better understand their customers and guide them through the purchase process. Target Market Starbucks has done an extremely effective job at defining their target audience and appealing to them through hip, contemporary design and consistent messaging. Their typical customers are men and women between the ages of 18 and 45. They are urbanites, meaning they live and/or work in a metropolitan city or a suburban neighborhood. They tend to have consistent income streams and higher than average incomes.…show more content…
They follow them on social media, belong to their Gold Card Rewards program, and make their purchases with Starbuck’s mobile app. They enjoy the atmosphere and the interactions with Starbucks and they look forward to receiving updates and promotions from them. Purchase Experience Starbucks customers have strong brand loyalty. Rather than thinking about a visit to Starbucks as a typical purchase decision they see it as part of their routine. They don’t put the same amount of thought into their choice as they would another purchase decision. A visit to Starbucks almost becomes second nature for them. Often people visit Starbucks before work to feel energized and “ready” to start their day. They are tired and dread a stressful day at the office and a drink from Starbucks is quick, convenient, and makes them feel energized and prepared to start their workday. They know that they can expect quality products and there are a variety of options to select from. They also know that their experience will be consistent regardless of which location they visit as Starbucks locations all have similar décor and offer the same menu, regardless of where they are

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