Internal Recruitment Case Study

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This essay is going to discuss the benefits of internal hiring in contrast to external hiring. Human Resource Management involves different approaches of recruiting candidates which are itself a huge challenge for human resource department of any organization and it should be done in the right way as the future of an organization depends on the recruiting and selecting the best candidate among better applicants (Branine, 2018, pp497-513). Recruitment of candidate refers to the process where employers select an appropriate person among a group of many individuals for any vacant position in an organization (Tippins and Farr, 2010, p1). Enrollment is very significant step of successful management of human resource which results to find the right…show more content…
Muller (2013, online) states, organization need to find description before selecting employees whether they might be insider or outsider. Selecting candidate within the company is called internal hiring and hiring from outside is external hiring (Muller, 2013, online).
There are some benefits of internal recruitment by which an organization can be benefitted. Paauwe (2009, p2) suggests, internal methods of hiring are beneficial for the firm as it helps to reduce advertisement and other hiring costs. According to Paauwe (200(9), If an organization hire employees internally, organization do not need to pay the cost of advertisement for the different medium such as through newspaper, job portals, social media, recruitment agencies. In like manner, the author's
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Armstrong and Baron (2013, pp44-46) consider, when people from external sources are hired, they will have different ideas, skills, and techniques which might not be with in-house staffs. As there will be the wider range of selection for the appropriate candidates, an organization will have better opportunities of having most qualified and experienced staff. Additionally, the authors mention that the different individual has a different level of understanding and have wider range of knowledge and experience which makes an employee’s different from each other and these skills is very much essential to be innovative and self-dependent, skilled candidates can be the wealth of an organization through which it can be benefitted. According to Armstrong and Baron, when we hire people from outsourcing, they will always be interested to know the basic rules and regulation that need to be followed and candidates show their creativity and strength to handle the situation which can make them more active and forward (Armstrong, Baron, 2013, pp44-46). In the like manner, Hunt (2016, pp11-17) also supports external hiring methods and assumes that internal hiring strategy has some weaknesses. The author argues that in-house staff may not have ideas and knowledge about the post which they are promoting to and the strategies and
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