Comparing Walmart And Amazon

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Mid-Term Exam Your Mele P Tuifua American Public University (Charles Town, West Virginia) Abstract This paper analyzes and compares the companies Walmart and Amazon. After explaining a brief overview of each company, we will look at how Walmart stays profitable by having a good relationship with suppliers, and how they keep their competitive position in the global market. We will also look at how Amazon builds trust with their customers to keep them coming back to shop. Additionally, this paper will analyze the internal strengths and weaknesses of each company and their strategies used to increase profitability and efficiency. By using each companies balance sheet, income statements, and financial ratio we will be able to see how each company is performing and if they are staying ahead of the competition. After looking at all aspects of both companies functionalities, we can the make recommendations of ways to improve their competitive advantage so that the companies continue to be front runners in their competitive markets. Mid-Term Exam Industry Overview The first Walmart Discount City opened in 1962, after owner Sam Walton tried to turn a previous store named Ben Franklin franchise into a discount store but was told no by the owners (PBS, 2014). During the first five years Walmart opened 18 stores,…show more content…
The demographic, physiographic and geographic characteristics help the company identify and target the potential markets and identify the desires of every category of a product to meet the customer’s wants. The company’s principal strategy is based on brand positioning and differentiation which helps it to understand each market’s value proposition. This helps in product differentiation in the competitive market to attract many new customers and keep
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