Aflac Insurance Strengths And Weaknesses

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Aflac insurance is focused on maintaining the best staff members through implementing various strategies that can make them attain full satisfaction. Irrespective of working in a competitive market, it prides itself on being ahead of the curve from a consumer viewpoint and desires to mirror that philosophy in its treatment to the staff members. The company uses its services as one way of improving employee satisfaction and retention. For instance, it provides its products to the staff members at little or no cost. This comprises of offering employer-paid life insurance, company-paid cancer policy, and company-subsidized accident protection insurance cover. Giving this services freely, or at reduced cost creates the sense that they and their…show more content…
According to Brooks (2015), when employees are fully satisfied, they commit their efforts towards attaining the set goals and objectives. They also see the reason of being associated with the company, hence reducing employee turnover rates. The other strength that the company has is better reputation. Based on the case study, close to 90 percent of employees from the survey indicated that the employees were willing to remain in this company because of its positive reputation. One of the internal weakness identified is a challenge to find and retain employees who can deliver positive results to the shareholders. The external strength identified is being above the curve according to consumer perspective. Consumers are important assets to an organization because they are the reasons why a particular business remains in operation and therefore their positive feedback means a lot to the company (Dirk, 2014). The external weakness identified is a high rate of unemployment in this sector. The company addressed these issues through coming up with strategies for attracting and retaining employees such as competitive salaries, providing the Aflac products to its employees freely or at subsidized prices and so…show more content…
One of the corporate values of this company is to provide an enriching and rewarding workplace for its employees. Its management strives to attain this by focusing to deliver quality services to its staff members through trying to mirror the viewpoint that its customers have concerning the company. It also uses some of its benefits like for example part of its profit to cater for various products such as accident protection insurance, company-paid cancer policy, and employer-paid life insurance for the employees. Providing these products freely or at subsidized prices mean the company focuses not only on attaining benefits but also on ensuring the corporate values are

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