Internalization Process Of Lenovo

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1.0 Introduction
The main purpose of this report is to carry out a critical analysis of the internalization process of a Multinational Company (MNC). According to Welch & Luostarinen (1988), internalization can be defined as the process in which firms increase their involvements in international operations. Therefore, throughout this report, an identification of the company current internalization pattern will be identify and a critical analysis of internalization theory related to the pattern will be carry out. At the end of this report, a new relevant strategies will be propose for Lenovo Limited to attain competitive advantage.
1.1 Company background
Lenovo Group Limited is one the famous multinational technology company that originated from China and the headquarters of Lenovo is also situated at the Beijing, China. Lenovo was establish in 1988 and became the China’s largest PC Company in 1996 by engaging primarily in the sale and manufacturing of personal computers, mobile telephone handsets, computer servers and printers. In terms of globalization, Lenovo has been using joint venture and acquisition to enter new market in another country across the world. (, 2016)

2.0 Critical Review of Internationalization Process of Lenovo
2.1 Identification of current internationalization Pattern
Year country they entered Strategy Citation
2005 IBM’s PC division in United State FDI (Lenovo, 2016)
2011 NEC from Japan Joint Venture (Lenovo, 2016)

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