Internalizing Problems In Young Children

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Stress is a normal part of the human experience; however, if the stress impacts the individuals’ everyday life it can become an issue. Anxiety disorder is condition marked by stress and worry. Many people with this disorder are hyper vigilant and some experience a developmental progression of fears and threats. The stress and worry becomes a disorder based on the severity and intensity is out of proportion, maladaptiveness and reoccurrence, especially when the individual is unable to control these thought and feeling they are having. It can progressively develop through childhood, without intervention, symptoms of anxiety can continue into adulthood. Anxiety can stem from negative thoughts or beliefs that cause the individual to worry, for example “what if my boyfriend dumps me” or “what if I can’t get into the physical therapy program”.…show more content…
During that time of their lives, they are so young when they start their first year; they have to make critical decisions, which affect the rest of their lives and sometimes others. Large amounts of work having to be done in a short period of time with expectations of high levels of performance. According the article, “Preventing Internalizing Problems in Young Children”, with the progression of internalized disorders in children, early intervention is important. Finding there are limited programs that impact both anxiety and depression. “The impact of emotional problems on children includes reduced adaptive functioning, interpersonal and relationship difficulties, academic problems, lowered self-esteem and social competence deficits” (Tennant et al., 2017). Finding that along with cognitive behavioral therapy and physical activity prevention programs provided a means of reducing internalizing

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