International Bank Financial Analysis

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Discuss the income opportunities available to international banks and critically evaluate international banks operations in foreign markets to maximize shareholder value.
The growth in foreign bank activity and international banking in general has been a major factor of financial system development. This paper will highlight some main characteristics of international banks and then discuss the income opportunities available to international banks. Then the focus is also evaluate international banks operation in foreign markets can maximize shareholder value.
1. Overview of international banks and source of income for international banks
1.1. What is international bank?
The financial crisis and the subsequent distrust of the existing banks have
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As this definition implies, the bank holding their retail activities along three complementary dimensions: customer service, product and service levels in the bank, the bank 's main attraction retail seems to be the belief that its revenues are stable and therefore can offset fluctuations in non-retail businesses. Retail banking is offer payment services for the individual objects. Strategic development of retail banking offer provides general financial services, enhance cross-selling and prudent approach to risk management (Clark et al,…show more content…
Payment services are provided primarily by means of a current account which gives businesses access to a wide range of specific remittance basis (eg, cash, and check the deposit facility, check the text base, access to automatic payment service enabling the payment of debts directly and standing orders). The deposit base of the service includes the accounts and term deposits to current standards. Larger quantities are being sent then the company may seek sophisticated cash management and treasury services of their banks (this is the core product for medium and large companies). In terms of credit, the company (and especially) smaller companies often rely on overdraft and / or long term loan facility, though the overdraft is less common in certain systems(Casu, Girardone and Molyneux, 2006).
Investment banking: The main role of the investment bank is to help companies and governments raise capital on capital markets, either through the issue of securities (otherwise known as shares) or debt. Their main business involves the issuance of new debt as well as providing business consulting services on mergers and acquisitions and other types restructuring of enterprises (Casu, Girardone, and Molyneux,

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