International Criminal Court Case Study

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The international criminal court (ICC) is a permanent legal system that was established from the Rome Statute in 1998. The Rome Statute was signed by sixty countries excluding the U.S, and located in the Netherlands at The Hague. The court was established to prosecute some of the most heinous crimes committed by individuals. The International Criminal Court is a court that deals with multinational criminal matters. By analyzing its structure, means of operation, crimes within its jurisdiction, how Canada and Americas involvement differ, the proper understanding of the International Criminal Court’s role in today’s society can be properly understood. The international criminal court is an important focus of study since focus…show more content…
Firstly, the Pre-Trial division has the authority to settle all issues that come forth before the trial phase begins. The Pre-Trial also supervises how the Office of the Prosecutor carries out the investigation making sure the rights of the suspects, victims and witnesses are not deprived while investigations are taking place. The Pre-Trial division then makes the decision to issue a warrant of arrest, summons and decided whether to confirm the charges against the suspected criminal. In addition to that, the Trial Division then carries out the trial determining if the accused is guilty or not. If seen as guilty they then have the responsibility to impose a sentence that must not exceed thirty years or life imprisonment. This chamber must also order the convicted person to pay any compensation, retribution towards the victim and or join rehabilitation facilities. Lastly, the third chamber consists of the Appeals division. Within this chamber the judges hold the authority to uphold, reverse or even request a new trial in front of a different Trial chamber (Understanding the International Criminal Court). Therefore, the Chambers unlike the Presidency deal the cases being seen by the International Criminal Court. The different chambers are an important part of the international criminal court and deal with the three different trial divisions of the…show more content…
Genocide is a deliberate killing, in which someone has planned to inflict serious harm to a specific minority group to get rid of the group’s existence. Genocide occurs between religious groups and/or minority racial groups within a country. It is crucial for cases involving genocide to be solved by the International Criminal Court, as their goal is to help provide long-term peace, and a stable world environment (International Criminal Court, Trying Individuals for Genocide). All in all, the International Criminal Court sets out to build a future world without violence and therefore only takes the most serious cases due to the amount of time one case takes to be

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