International Culture And Globalization

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'Globalisation ' signifies the process of integration or the growing interdependence of countries upon one another, due to the arise in international trade and transactions, migration and settlement of people in countries other than their native ones, and the interchange of knowledge, ideas and other aspects of culture. Though the word 'globalisation ' seems to be new and modern but the concept and practice is an old one. Trades and transactions, migration from one place to another, and dissemination of cultural values from one country to another were present from the beginning of times. But 'globalisation ' in the modern sense began after the World Wars and more specifically after the 1950 's. Globalisation was also the result of the development of technology and the invention of computers and internet which created a smaller world for people. Moreover environmental problems like global warming, air-pollution, cross-border water and terrorism have compelled different countries to come together and join hands to fight against these common problems.
When people from diverse cultural backgrounds come together to fight common problems they need a common medium to share their opinions and advices. There arises the need of a lingua franca to express themselves, without which communication wouldn 't be possible. 'Lingua franca ' is a language used between two people who do not share the same mother tongue. Today this status of the most popular lingua franca is enjoyed by the

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