The Important Role Of Globalization In The 20th Century

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'Globalisation ' signifies the process of integration or the growing interdependence of countries upon one another, due to the arise in international trade and transactions, migration and settlement of people in countries other than their native ones, and the interchange of knowledge, ideas and other aspects of culture. Though the word 'globalisation ' seems to be new and modern but the concept and practice is an old one. Trades and transactions, migration from one place to another, and dissemination of cultural values from one country to another were present from the beginning of times. But 'globalisation ' in the modern sense began after the World Wars and more specifically after the 1950 's. Globalisation was also the result of the development…show more content…
People need to have an extensive knowledge of the world as well as the skills and dispositions to engage with men from different cultures and countries. But different cultures have different mother tongues and therefore communication would have been impossible. According to David Crystal, in earlier times translation played an important role in such a conglomeration of cultures. Learned scholars and professional translators were hired to make the passage of ideas possible. However the situation changed after the 1950s. The formation of world organizations like the UNO (dates from 1945), UNESCO and UNICEF (both 1946), World Bank (1945), WHO (1948) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) have somehow necessitated the need for some common lingua franca which would facilitate communication. Hiring translators and completely depending upon them would be a lot expensive as well as impractical. The reason being, almost all the countries of the world are gradually becoming a part of such organizations. A need to join hands for the development of the nations has arisen and therefore an implicit need for a global language has arisen equally.
The other reason that supports the need for a global language is the 'technology of modern communication ' and 'technology of air transportation '. These two transformations in the 20th century have accelerated the need for a common
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