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International Day Essay: Panama

Panamanian food is a blend of African, Spanish, and Local American systems, dishes, and fixings, mirroring its assorted populace. Since Panama is a land connect between two landmasses, it has a vast assortment of tropical organic products, vegetables and herbs that are utilized as a part of local cooking.

Commonplace Panamanian sustenances are gently seasoned, without the sharpness of some of Panama's Latin American and Caribbean neighbors. Regular fixings are maize, rice, wheat flour, plantains, yuca (cassava), hamburger, chicken, pork and fish. Panama is a country filled with culture and beauty and a part of its culture and beauty is without a doubt the food. Panamese people eat a lot of rice served with
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Panama is also known for its seafood, so foods such as fish,crabs,lobsters and shrimp are well known in Panama.

Arroz con leche is a Panamanian dessert and it's known as milk rice. It can be eaten also for breakfast and kids loves this dish.

Flan is also an another Panamanian dessert and it is the most popular.

Patacones is the most popular Panamanian side dish-snack and it is fried green plantains and the way to cook is too easy.

Tortillas can associate with ten to twelve creeps in breadth (these are constantly cooked on a frying pan), or littler, around four inches (more often than not these are browned).

One of Panama’s side dishes called Arroz con is cooked in coconut milk.It is prepared with mostly rice and a bean named guandu that makes the rice more appetising to eat.

Ceviche is the side dish that is everywhere in panama especially on coast line . Ceviche is a raw fish that has been cuted to slices and mixed with lime juice , onions, spices. It's usually eaten with cold beer in front of the beach.

Yuca frita it is a yuca root that has been fried and it can replace

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