Nouveau Poor Immigrant Poverty Analysis

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Title: “Nouveau Poor: Immigrant Poverty”
Intro: “Nouveau Poor: Immigrant Poverty” is a 2011 film by Lathika International Film & Entertainment about how immigrants live in poverty and what they have to go through and the sacrifices that they make.
Purpose: The purpose of the film is to show what these immigrants have to go through and the type of living conditions that one faces when there is poverty.
Message: The message of the film is that these immigrants work for minimum wage or less at times, even with the small amount of money that they make they have to be able to provide for themselves as well as taking care of their family back homes. It is hard for them at times and the do have to make sacrifices in order to be able to live in a foreign country to try and make some extra money to provide for their family back home.
Summary: Immigrants have to leave behind many things that many of us would never think about living without, like our family. They have to deal with only making a small amount of money and
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It showed the different circumstances and the reality of what they have to go through in order to try and have a better life for their families then what they already have. We all want to be better and have better things and a better life. So this film does a good job showing what these immigrants have to go through and their struggles. I think that this film should open up viewer’s worldview and help realize that not everyone has easy access to things we would assume is something that we all should have.
Context: The context of immigrant poverty is that these individuals work hard to provide for their families and are willing to do what is at their reach in order to provide for their families. They are willing to deal with getting paid minimum wage and living in and working in harsh conditions all for the better of their families
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