International Globalization Theory

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Introduction Theory of globalization is in order to explain the international events, regarding the sphere in terms of development, economic conditions, social scenarios, as well as political and cultural influences. Globalization emphasizing two majority uptrend, they are worldwide active communication systems, and fluent economic conditions, specifically high fluidity of financial resources and trade. Through the globalization process, it assumed that more country are benefited from the worldwide conditions, especially the improved global communication, the international financial and trading system. Different country are more connected through the international transactions and the economic environment. Two major topics of the international…show more content…
Appearance, advice a greater interdependence between different regions and countries are among the world's capital, trade and communications occur; and 2. A theory of economic development, assumed that more integration of different regions in the world, is an important impact on economic growth and social indicators. Globalization theory produced in the areas of special emphasis on communication and economic transactions further integration of the Global Mechanism. In this sense, this view is similar to the world systems approach. One of the most important features of globalization position, however, is its focus cultural communication with them throughout the world. In addition to technical, financial and political ties, globalization scholars believe that the development of modern interpretation of the elements of the cultural and economic ties between the countries. In exchange of this culture, one of the most important factor is the growing flexible connection technology all over the world. (See Kaplan, B. Social change in the capitalist world. (Beverly Hills, California: SAGE, 1993); and Gough, I. Economía política del estado de bienestar. (Madrid, España: Blume,…show more content…
From this perspective, values, beliefs, social systems, as well as the identity of the dominant mode and subordinate groups with national characteristics are described in the economic and social aspects of the important elements in Based on the above factors, it is clear that globalization and world-systems theory requires a global perspective, the unit of analysis, rather than strictly focus on the nation-state in the modernization and dependency schools. Compare point between the world system theory and globalization is the first of some new element of Marxism contain, and the theoretical basis of the structure and function of sociology movement second base pairs. Therefore, the way globalization tend to be more gradual transition, not violence or revolutionary change. The globalization and world-systems theories, and to some extend the dependency approach, take into account the most recent economic changes in world structure and relations that have occurred in the last two

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