International HRM Case Study: Brunt Hotels

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In this essay, I will speak about the International HRM Case Study - Brunt Hotels by Fiona L. Robson, complete the activities A, C, E, and G, and answer to the questions provided in the assignment. First off, let's see what is about this case and his purpose. The case provided is done with the purpose of understanding the issues involved in domestic and international recruitment and selection in different types of industries. In hotel industry for example, as we have the Brunt Hotels case that helps us to understand and learn how to logically apply the theory to the practical situation in other industries too. Industries that prepare to expand their markets internationally, industries that need to evaluate well and analyze the implications…show more content…
To follow the company expansion goals, the company buy a small chain of hotels in France. The strategy is to keep part of this and rebrand it as the one already owned, and the other part to be sold in order to support the company projects development (Robson, 2008). And as the human resources are one of the most important assets of any company, they need to evaluate the approach they will have when hiring. Brunt Hotel management decided to use an ethnocentric approach, which means that they will send abroad some of the existing UK managers to follow the changes that need to be done and manage them once the hotels are ready to operate. The headquarters leaders will follow all this process and if will be a success they will search to expand in other European countries too (Robson,…show more content…
Now, moving to "Activity E" we need to design a selection process for the candidates due to the fact that there were much more managers that apply for this jobs than expected. There were thirty managers that apply and the company needs to send in France only need twenty of them (Robson, 2008). In order to avoid demotivating none of them, the leaders need to take a decision based on a selection method well explained and justified prepared by the independent management

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