International HRM Case Study: Brunt Hotels

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Title: International HRM Case Study – Brunt Hotels
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1. (Activity A)
Enhancing and forming the abilities and skills of this asset is a great concern the company must accomplished to be successful in achieving organizational goal and objectives. Conducting trainings is the most solution for this matter. Training for the betterment not only of the skill but also the employees’ characters and helping them to be at their most possible abilities. To achieve the Brunt Hotels’ objective which is to be successful in venturing hotels outside the UK, the management must train and prepare those selected managers that will be assign in managing the new hotels in the venture in France. This will help them to easily adjust in the new culture that they must adapt. Determine the positions of the people that must be trained; After determining the specific position, search for the required enhancement and training programs; Design the appropriate schedule of trainings; Prepare the trainees for the implementation of the training programs; Evaluate and monitor the improvement of the trainees.

2. Activity C
A hotel manager is liable for the everyday management of a hotel and its staff. They have emphasizing skills accountability for allocating funds and financial management, planning, organizing and carrying out all hotel services, including reception, concierge, reservations, food and beverage operations and housekeeping. In larger hotels,

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