International Human Resource Management: Gender Diversity In Adidas

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Assesment 2 Brent v/d Wielen Introduction The MNE used in this assessment is Adidas. Adidas is a German sports shoes, clothing and accessories designer and manufacturer. HRM data Adidas Figure 1: Adidas gender diversity (Adidas n.d.) In Adidas 51% of all employees and 28% in management positions is female (see figure 1). The presence of female employees in top management positively effects innovation. Women in top management are also beneficial due to a difference in managerial behaviour. Women in lower level hierarchical jobs are more motivated and more committed to the organization as a result of female managers (Deszö and Ross, 2012). International human resource management…show more content…
In contrast, local responsiveness is defined as the extent to which subsidiaries respond to local differences, which involves the modification of products or services in order to fully meet local customer needs, respond to local competition and culture..., and penetrate local business networks.’ Summarized, integration is the extent to which a MNE is an unified whole and differentiation is the extent to which the MNE responds to local…show more content…
A reduction of costs may be realized when policies can be copied in multiple countries, leading to integration. Also, MNEs have developed competitive advantage through resources of their domestic economies and use this as a basis to compete internationally, leading to an uniform strategy. If an MNE wants to establish a strong corporate culture, they also use integration. This is done by implementing the same culture across all subsidiaries. Integration is linked with PCNs. Since they are familiar with the culture and communication in the MNE, the headquarters culture is recreated in the subsidiary. Differentiation is when the MNE adopts a country specific policy to be effective, for example when corporate HR policy differs from national policy. Differentiation can also be used when labour costs are advantageous to the firm (when HCNs are cheaper than PCNs). In this case the advantage of lower labour costs outweighs the advantage of. Differentiation can be achieved through using HCNs or TCNs, since they are from different cultures than the MNE headquarters, they have different cultural and communication habits, leading to a different organizational culture. Another possibility for MNEs is to set up uniform policies across all subsidiaries, but based on best practices. Which means that not only headquarters or local practices are used, but best practices from around the

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