Ripeness Theory

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International Intervention How does the third party embroilment can put an end to a conflict? Ripeness theory concerns the psychological states that parties who are embroiled in a grievous conflict to progress into negotiation process. The idea of this theory is if a “mutually hurting stalemate” is reached, a negotiation process should be the alternative that will make a way out of the conflict zone. Mutually hurting stalemate concept posits that when the disputing parties cannot achieve mutual agreement in fact that they are suffering from pain. This theory suggests that the embroilment of third party into the conflict will help the disputing parties to reach settlement. Ronald J. Fisher and Loraleigh Keashly had structured a six-fold typology…show more content…
Malaysia’s Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad positively responded to the President Arroyo’s request. This measure was taken after temporary suspension of GRP-MILF negotiation due to declaration of war against MILF. Government of Philippines pronounced an “all-out war” against MILF as a result of slow negotiation progress portrayed by the MILF. At the first place, Malaysia was delegated to be a facilitator in the talks between Government of Republic of Philippines (GRP) and Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). A facilitator is a party who engages in activity of facilitation in which their role are to help groups to come together to discuss issues affecting them, to assist the disputing parties to understand their primary objectives along with to reach the consensus. However, facilitator’s role is limited as they are not authorised to propose any suggestion of settlement to the disputing…show more content…
Mediation is a process whereby a third party exists in resolving a crisis between two or more disputing parties. The mediator’s role is to give assistances in term of negotiating process, suggestion of alternatives to cease the conflict as well as to ensure the fluency of peace process. At the ASEAN stage, Malaysia has been mediating between Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and the Government of Republic of Philippines (GRP) to disentangle their internal conflict. The existence of Malaysia as the mediator is to help reconciling GRP-MILF’s affair. In July 2004, Malaysia had moved from facilitation stage to mediation stage as being requested by President Arroyo. It means Malaysia would have bigger role in giving assistances to eradicate the conflict as well as to restore peace in Philippines. At this levels, Malaysia are encouraged to posit any suggestions or alternatives to ensure both parties reach

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