Moral Code Of Conduct In International Law

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1. Is International Law a law or moral code of conduct? Explain your answer with elaborated example! Definition of International Law International law is a law which legal in two countries or more and ruling for international scale. International law also could be defined as law among states and rule the society of it. Based on experts, Jeremy Bentham, International law is also called public international law or law of nations, the body of legal rules, norms, and standards that apply between sovereign states and other entities that are legally recognized as international actors. Therefore, we can conclude that international law is a law which rules all countries in this earth in order to create what we call as peace. Definition of Moral Code…show more content…
In moral code / moral code of conduct, which it is only kind of basic agreement, the violation over it there will be no punishment and if there is the agreement is going to be changed by the actor who involve in the agreement. Yet, in law there will be punishment if we see there is violation towards the rule which is legalized and implemented. Therefore, it is clear that international law is a law not just kind of moral code / moral code of conduct, based on its definition and its…show more content…
The author have searched that for the violation of international law there will be punishment, yet there is no such an exact punishment for the violator and the actor who have legitimate power to punish the violator have to discuss the punishment for every violator. This is might be the reason why some of the people or even the people in international relations study opine that international law is only kind of moral code. Even though so, if they think that international law is just kind of moral code because there is no exact punishment, they have to think it first because basically even the law which they believe in it as it has an exact punishment for the violator, it is the result of discussion. The different is it has been decided for every violator, unlike international law. Second reason is international law has punishment as it aims to make deterrent effect to the violator. There are many countries which has been punished. In the last decade, International Court Justice has more than 25 cases of international law violation which has been given punishment. Even though the author agree that international law is bias as it only punishes countries which lack of power. Super power country like United States is very hard to be punished although they have violated many international

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