International Literature: The Role Of Global Literature And Cultural Diversity

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Literature is frequently comprehended by most people as a mass of writings. In particular, it refers to those reckoned to have the aptitude of being inventive and rational, or which deploy languages which departed from the common usage. Global literature, on the other hand, has two different definitions where the first one explains it as the summation of all literatures of the world, including personal and nationalized work. The second definition is, global literature consists of the world’s classics, or the most sought after works that are read across time, ethnic and language borders in which they were produced and become the intercontinental patrimony of civilization. (Gafrik, 2009, p. 28) Global literature penetrates deep into cultural diversities and tendencies of the written word around the world. Cultural diversity denotes the set of distinguished spiritual, physical, intellectual and emotional traits of society or a social group, and that it covers art and literature, lifestyles, value systems, traditions and philosophies. This paper will explain the role of the global literature in appreciating cultural diversity that is to fight against ethnocentrism and to give deeper understanding of the target culture. In a diverse culture of the current millennia, social divergences vary a great deal between citizens which make it crucial for them to value the ambiances they are in as it allows them to have different worldviews and perspectives in order to fully relish life.
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