The Pros And Cons Of International Migration

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International migration has a very significant influence on our economy. In fact, the American immigration, or international migration policy recognizes the value of the immigrants, and has systems in place to ensure it can support all of the immigrants it allows into the country. The United States pushes all fellow countries to value and support migration, for it has a positive implication to the development of our economy. However, we all have to keep in mind that migration is recognized as two different concepts: a means of escape from a dangerous, violent environment, or a pursued opportunity. These are two different issues who have two very different effects on a nation’s economic development. The former of the two requires great support from a nation’s…show more content…
In conclusion, all countries need to recognize the two sides of international migration, and take different actions on each one. Basically, international migration can either be an economic burden, or an economic development, and countries need to understand when each of this situations happen, and how to respond to each one. An explanation of both sides of international migration, their economic implications, and the possible solutions to this issue are explained above; however, the most important thing that all of us need to understand is that one country can not solve the issue, especially its refugee aspect, alone. The point is that the United States have been and will continue to do what they can based on their economic standing and available resources; however, they can not hold full responsibility of this issue, and will need assistance if any change or improvement is to be achieved. In the end, everyone has to do what’s best for their country, and do what they can in order to aid our international
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