International Migration Policy

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Sturdy debate or even led to fierce negotiation on how to reduce the international migration barrier will begin to emerge its shape and rhythm in which it is going to be faster and more aggressive. The host countries, developed - to include the emerging - economies countries, will posture a strong stand to protect their economic interest for their people through, for example, strengthen border policy, more native-favorable policy, creation of job opportunities abroad via technical aid, or other form of policies. Meanwhile, the origin countries, most of them are the least or developing countries, are still wrestling with their, so called ‘first base’ of migration policy, the right’s protection paradigm. While the origin countries are at their…show more content…
To circumvent this threat, the government, Kemlu in particular, supported by international system and civil society organization, shall be persistent on constructing the bases of its migration policy by establishing and promoting a grand rule of understanding that the protection of the migrant’s rights, as always be the ‘first base’, will only then generate the ‘second base’ of the economic gain. Following those views, in short, there are some priority strategies to be considered: first, prioritizes Kemlu’s engagement on various international migration forums especially in current setting period of post-2015 development agenda; second, initiates more program and activities related to migration and development; and at the final, creates and gears–up Indonesia economic diplomacy to harness the benefits of international migration which will impact on the post-2015 of Indonesia, then the world, development…show more content…
Support on the effort of mainstreaming migration into national development planning . It needs a policy document that set out a roadmap showing how Indonesia intends to go about mainstreaming migration into development planning. Kemlu can initiate a policy document which describes issues to be addressed, strategic goals and priorities, stakeholders, programme/intervention areas, institutional structure, consultative processes, etc. Thus, this policy document will be the main repository and institutional record of the approach being taken. b. Setting-up Kemlu’s Special Migration and Development Coordinating Unit. An organizational, coordination and consultation mechanism is needed for managing the entire migration mainstreaming process. To support this, Kemlu should setting-up this special kind of unit. This unit will define, decide, implement and monitor migration and development activities and also engage those who have a stake in the issue – government agencies, international donors, civil society, trade unions, employers’ organizations, research institutions, etc. By this unit, then Kemlu can accurately perform its responsibility to the national government by giving such a comprehensive analysis whether the process is worth engaging in,

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