M & M International Marketing Strategy

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INTRODUCTION The international operations management consists in those transforming activities, inside an international firm, meant to process different types of inputs in order to create final goods and services. This type of management involves the development of various international strategies that shape a large context in which a firm reaches its main objectives. At a conceptual level, there are many similarities between designing a strategy that could be used only in one country and creating a strategy for a number of markets. In both situations, those that make the strategic planning have to answer some fundamental questions related to what kind of products or services does the firm intend to sell, where and how will it make these products,…show more content…
The founders of our nation and of our company passionately believed this. We will prove them right by believing in ourselves and by making M&M Ltd. known worldwide for the quality of its product and services. Mahindra wants to be among the top 10 automotive brands in the world. "The lifecycle of automotive products is reducing very fast," he says. "The customer is very demanding and his needs are changing rapidly. For driving growth in business, we need a new product pipeline." Increasingly, Mahindra is positioning itself to engineer those products by itself. It is even feeling emboldened to take calculated risks, as it did with the XUV500's infotainment system, which also faced some teething troubles. "We got too aggressive in bringing a very advanced entertainment system to India," says Goenka. "We could have taken a safe route of bringing something that's tried-and-tested and stayed a generation behind." When the issues with the XUV500 came to light, a cross-functional team of 15-20 members, led by senior officials from R&D, purchase, servicing and quality worked with a German consultant to address them. "It was important to understand customer issues for future vehicle programmes," says Mahesh Babu, part of the XUV 500…show more content…
At Mahindra, you will be placed in positions of real time responsibility and operations, where you will be enabled and encouraged not only to participate in actual day to day operations, but also make strategic decisions that have significant strategic implications on Mahindra’s national and global business operations. All in an atmosphere that constantly encourages you to use your learning and education to come up with your own ground breaking ideas and

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