International Organization Roles

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International organization (IO) can be defined as the organization which at least two or more states are formed for implementation of the international relations. International organization also aims to support the cooperation and development activities internationally for the economic and social benefits of member states and citizens. International organization seems to play more crucial role due to the more integrated world. Membership of the International Organization is voluntary to join by the members which aim to consistently and seamlessly work together. As common purposes of the members of International organizations are shared, hence the international organization shall act as the agency where the representatives of each state are…show more content…
As mentioned above, international organization is highly expected to play an important role in solving problems even social problems or the issues of various culture and humanity because of the advancement of industry and technology in order to remain happiness and prosperity of human being. The roles of international organization are such as setting standards for state practice in matters of state internal affairs, such as human rights and labor force, implementing rules for international contacts to be more convenient, smooth and efficient, granting services e.g. reporting news information, helping others or campaigning the environmental protection. Furthermore, the roles of international organization also involves economic view as they play a crucial role in solving the economic problems of the world society, boosting economic cooperation and compliance. They sometimes have to act as a financial intermediary or financial facilities. International organization can preside for the provision of financial aids to developing countries and investment the businesses there and funds of loans to the borrowers. They may be asked to establish regulations on currency valuation as…show more content…
World Trade Organization are generally asked for the help to developing countries by serving required information as well as recommendations for member countries to fulfill their obligations. They often co-work with other international organization such as the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank to ensure the greater consistent global economic policy. They also have the roles in the field of politics. Some international organizations have a key role to maintain peace and international ties to ensure security. Their roles could be to encourage peace and security by focusing on peacekeeping in disputed areas, promoting dispute resolution via peaceful means or diplomatic ways e.g. negotiation and compromise. As well, some international organizations are obligatory to encourage the colonized countries to have fully autonomous control of their areas under the regulations set by themselves. As the peace is what to be the common goal of international organization, hence they partake in stop the use of of weapons and focus on weapons control as well as the ban of nuclear weapons testing to strengthen mutual security. The importance of international organization in political aspect has been more increasingly vivid since the end of World War I which led to many ruins and costly lessons to all involved countries due to the high death

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