International Paper Company Case Study

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Business Description: International Paper Company specializes in producing and distributing paper products. The products include uncoated printing and writing papers, pulp, and fiber-based packaging products. The have many locations throughout the state of Tennessee, with the main office being centrally located in Memphis. In addition to serving clientele in the states, they also serve many customers globally. They serve in 24 countries globally, of which roughly 80% is done in North America. International Paper 's main objective is to provide pulp and paper packaging solutions through an environmentally sustainable manner. They do this through recycling paper and investing heavily into environmental recreation projects. They also run their facilities through burning residual biomass, lowering the burden of environmentally unfriendly energy production. Through reducing environmental impacts, it gives a competitive advantage…show more content…
Threat of Substitute Products Many factors influence the competitive position in the market including, price, cost, product quality and services. The company 's continuing efforts to improve product quality and environmental performance as well as lower costs. The company sells directly to end users and converters, as well as through agents, resellers and paper distributors. This wide variety of selling allows the company to target the largest market possible. International Paper Co. would be considered to have a defensible model because of how they apply Porter 's Five Forces and adjust their corporate strategy. They prove to be a leader in their industry as well as making considerable profits due to their superior management. A defensible business model allows a company to remain competitive by not allowing new companies to easily enter the market. International Paper Co. is a rather large company, which makes it even more difficult for a new company to enter the market, therefore furthering their approach at a defensible

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