International Relations Theory In International Society

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“Men look for pattern in social life that leads to particular result, an arrangement of social life such as that it promotes certain goals or values”. – Headely Bull The world we see today is made up of patterns of Human interaction. These interactions of Human activity make up the contemporary world we live today. One lives a life of abundance with social security and enough food to stay alive where as millions of others are living a life of scarcity and uncertainty. These are the perplexing question, which come to our mind and in front of the International society when we study International relations.

In this complex and unflattering world we look for answers on daily situations that shape and affect our life. Theories help us understand
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Rationalist like Realism and Liberalism help us to see the world in a positive realistic limelight, where as reflectivsts help us to get a different…show more content…
Our society, especially a country like India plays a pivotal role in International Institutions. International organizations are entities established by formal political agreements between their members that have the status of international treaties; their existence is recognized by law in their member countries. Liberalism states that Interdependence by means of Economic activity can prevent war. If so, could the Invasion of Kuwait be prevented had Iraq and Kuwait been in a more engaging and economic relations? The answer is far more multifarious than a simple Yes or No. Liberalism places a very stalwart weight on the role of International Organizations. Indeed the war would have been prevented had United Nations Iraq-Kuwait Observation Mission or Arab league been more meticulous on their policies. The policies of International Organization often differ in Methodology. For example, Al-Qaeda will handle a situation differently than an organization like Greenpeace.

In the contemporary world especially since last few decades, the role media played in the reporting of such ponderous events have shaped the way we see the world today. Media has often dictated the Foreign policy of the world by showing false information and thus influencing the minds of Policy
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