International Students Advantages And Disadvantages

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Thao Diep
Rena Tillinghast
English 1303
International students are now “subsidizing” public American Universities to the tune of $9 billion a year
It is undeniable there are more and more foreigners coming to the United States for many reasons such as business, travel, especially education. Moreover, because of that, there is a dramatic increase in the diversity of most colleges and universities in the United States. However, many oversea students have been complaining about the extremely high tuition they have to pay compared to the in- state tuition for the American citizens.
According to the article, International students play a major impact in the United States economy. For example, in 2015, the US universities gained about $9 billion (approximately 28%) from the tuition of the foreign students (Loudenback). Moreover, the article also mentioned that these students have increased the level of the diversity in the colleges. For instance, Arizona State University has the largest number students come from another countries following by 10,678 students (14%). In addition to that, most foreign students choose STEM majors for their college career as well as they also choose to stay in the country to get a job after graduating, which contribute a lot to the US technology and science.
First of all, it is not fair to all the International students to pay the tuition twice or three time more than the in- state students. As being an International student at the
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