Problems Faced By International Students Essay

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Problems faced by international students International students face variety of social and academic issues. Selection of the university, language proficiency tests, applying producers for visa, handling financial issues, understanding new and different educational system, accommodation at new country and mixing with a different culture, are the major tasks that international students have to accomplish. A significant number of international students take admission at Point Park University every year in order to satisfy their wish of getting higher education from a recognized university.
International education has become a commodity and promoting since last few years. A strong relationship has developed between developing and developed countries on the subject of higher education. There are many factors that contribute to force the students in order to fulfil their need of higher education like historical connections of the two different countries, resemblances in the educational system and language, geographical location.
International students face a number of problems that are quite different from the hardships and challenges faced by domestic students. The problems international students experience at the host educational institution may be tangible and non-tangible. These factors further cause anxiety and stress in international
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Host university adopt a stereotype policy for all international students, belonging to different countries and culture. They also use their stereotype policy as an excuse against the problems faced by international students. They never address and examine the problems faced by their international students. Administration and faculty should consider individuals and should address their problems. So that they will feel free and

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