International Terrorism Case Study

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Case Study: ISIS and Business Opportunities

By : Yuliana Dolok Saribu
Student ID No : 016201400179
Class : International Relations Diplomacy 2 Batch 2014
Subject : Business and International Relations Topical Issues
Lecturer : Prof. Anak Agung Banyu Perwita, Ph. D


Twenty-first centuries are filled by the remarkable issue of international terrorism. Starting from the 9/11 WTC tragedy, until the presence of ISIS which can not be understimated in the global arena, terrorism has created much scarcity in each of the hearts and minds of people. Terrorism as defines in the UK Prevention of Terrorism Act 1976, s.14 which is ‘the use of violence
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The direct losses impact we perceived is like the losses that could be physical damage in the vicinity of the ongoing acts of terrorism that cause losses are not small, such as a location used as a bombing, the victims. The more massive terrorist attack carried out, the greater the direct losses incurred. However, there are also indirect losses impacts that the number could be greater than its direct impact of losses. The occurrence of acts of terrorism in a country, indirectly could threaten a number of sectors which is sensitive to change the security conditions of a country, such as economy sucurity conditions. However, when terrorism counters the global arena, the impact of it is not merely only cause losses but it is also may lead to the creation of the new business…show more content…
How it can be related?

1. The International Relations
“ International relations is an academic discipline that focuses on the study of the interaction of the actors in international politics, including states and non-state actors, such as the United Nations (UN), the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the World Bank, and Amnesty International. One of the key features of the international system is that it's a state of anarchy - each state in the system is sovereign and does not have to answer to a higher authority.” – Shawn Grimsley

The relation between the spread of international terrorism with business opportunities is supported by the international relations. International terrorism can not separated from international relations. Both have a close relations and influencing each other. Whenever

international terrorism happens, directly and indirectly it give impacts to international world included the smallest country in this world. As its focus are power, humans, states, or the state system as the primary source of the conflict. International terrorism can be affecting the other sector such unemployment or underemployment, water crisis, interstate conflicts etc as it is also one of the global risk as can be seen in the picture

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