International Themes Of Henry James

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Since its colonization, American authors have confronted them with the true American culture. At first the literature of the time was influenced by the Puritan ideals and then literature was about exaggerating America for commercial reasons. In order to get in touch with their culture, many American authors made an initiative route through Europe because there were their ancestors. For them, Europe was the source of inspiration that they didn’t find in America and also in order to be recognized as a great author, they must first be appreciated in Europe. Exploring Europe, many authors were enthusiastic about writing the differences between America and Europe, how the society from both the Old and the New World acts, how they perceives the world around them, how they interact with people. In literature, writing about the things mentioned above is known as the ‘international theme’. It is about defining the relation between the two continents, and every American author felt responsible to define a pure American culture and this theme was best illustrated by bringing an American character in Europe and blending it with Europeans. The result was that the American character was always distinguished from the Europeans. The major well known author who wrote about the international theme was, without any hesitation, Henry James. It is believed that Henry James actually related his experiences in Europe because he too was an American on the old continent who tried to understand the
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