International Tourism Impact

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Today almost all of the developed countries and most of third world countries in world have opened their doors for international tourism, not only as a mean of economic and social development, but also as a part of their globalization policies (Guruge, 2009). Since the Second World War most of the third world countries have developed a keen interest in developing tourism with the hope of earning foreign exchange (Guruge, 2009). The concept of international tourism was emerged in developing countries during the 1960s as a solution for some of macroeconomic problem faced by them such as, lack of foreign currency income and thereby lack of foreign currency reserves, Balance of Payment (BOP) deficit, unemployment and lack of regional development…show more content…
While the economic impacts plays the dominant role among them, the adverse effects of Socio-cultural impact and environmental impact were ignored in policy making in the case of most of third world countries. But with the time, the policy makers of almost all the countries emerged with the concept of sustainable tourism development, which consider all the three impacts of tourism. The sustainable tourism development is a process that composed with three pillars as, social justice, economic development and environmental integrity which contribute to enhance the prosperity of local community by maximizing the contribution of tourism towards the economic prosperity of respective destinations (Khanya, 2001). The process of tourism development includes three key players namely business sector, not-for profit sector and the government (Batta, 1993).There is a potential threat for the development of tourism industry which arose due to any kind of poor coordination of efforts and policies between these three parties (Batta,

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