International Tourism In China

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The paper examines the prospects for the development of International Tourism, the state 's role in the development of this activity. The main estimation method of analyzing the impact of tourism on economy of China is regression model. The estimation model provided in this course paper demonstrates that business tourism is a leader among the other kinds of international tourism. Moreover, International Tourism is one of the major international economic activities that have a significant impact on both the structure and the general situation in the world economy. Finally, tourism development has a stimulating effect on the economy sectors such as transport, communications, trade, construction, agriculture, consumer goods, and is one of the most…show more content…
China 's tourism development strategy is focused on the full support of inbound tourism, domestic tourism and gradual increase in the share of inbound tourism on the basis of state regulation (Ghimire, K. B., & Li, Z., 2011) China is a country with most rapidly developing economies. Tourism takes special place. Moreover, tourism is a “calling card ' ' of many countries, including China, and the main part of the state budget revenues (Xu, G., 2013). A. Moradi and M. Moradi (Moradi A. & Moradi M., 2014) analyzed the development of the tourism market in China and the European Union member states. The article is organized in a way to allow the reader to study the regional aspects of the international tourism development, approaches to the regionalization of tourism activities on the basis of international experience managing the development of tourist areas, urgent problems of management of Chinese tourism development. There is a large volume of published studies describing the growing role of international tourism in the integration of tourist regions, the need for modernization of tourist and recreational infrastructure in accordance with the criteria for sustainable tourism…show more content…
The global tourism industry in recent years, faced with the ever-increasing level of competition between the countries within the region (Witt, S. F., Brooke, M. Z., & Buckley, P. J., 2013). In the first place it indicates more extensive, often invasive measures of voice in promoting its tourist product in foreign markets. Besides tourist demand and tourist offer depends on a number of changing factors, such as economic and financial development, the impact of the policy pursued by the state, demographic and social changes, the development of innovative technologies. According to S. F. Witt (Witt, S. F., Brooke, M. Z., & Buckley, P. J., 2013), increased competition, both in the market of tourism demand and tourism supply in the market is one of the major global tourism trends. In China, one of the most urgent problems of the implementation of the concept of sustainable tourism development is its connection with the restriction of the potential economic benefits for the participants of the tourism business, which leads to a grudging acceptance. The view is shared by K. B. Ghimire, Z. Li (Ghimire, K. B., & Li, Z., 2011). Previous research has not always found that the main problem for foreign tourists is the lack of tourist information and other kinds of social ties between China and Eastern

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