Online Communication In North Korea Essay

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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been integrated into the daily lives of most people in the developed countries. It will be hard to imagine spending a day without accessing the internet, let alone to experience the real situation. While the internet has been very accessible to the citizens in the developed countries, it is something more than a privilege for people living in North Korea. The lack of, or no, internet access in North Korea has caused its citizens to be isolated from the global communities and many problems are arisen within its own society; these matters have to be seriously addressed as to provide the citizens of North Korea with an access to the internet and a chance to communicate with the outside world.…show more content…
Other citizens are only able to access the intranet where all the information has been filtered by the government as part of their propaganda. The citizens have no choice, but to accept that whatever information provided to them is true. Over the time, they are disconnected from the rest of the world and unable to know what is really happening. Not only the internet is controlled, the citizens are also not allowed to make any overseas phone calls (Baek, 2012). If they are caught doing so, they will be severely punished.

However, some North Koreans are still trying to reach the outside world. Some even resort to defecting the country in order to lead a better life. Unfortunately, not many are able to make their way out of the country successfully and some even become more miserable than before. The lack of ICT due the government’s control is unacceptable and it is even worse if the citizens are suffering from it. Therefore, it is the time to change, no matter how long it will take, and the first and foremost change has to be from the North Korea
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