Internet Addiction And Its Effects On Teenagers

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Internet nowadays has become a necessity rather than a demand in daily transactions. Either in business, education and any various other fields. Internet is a compulsory tool that functions as a medium of communication. Not limited to that, the technology also offers a database of information, being a source of unlimited knowledge. Nevertheless, there is always two sides of the coin. Apart from offering benefits, the misuses of the internet could be harmful in many ways. One intriguing phenomenon is an addiction of internet among teenagers. According to Widyanto and Griffiths in 2006, the excessive internet use can be pathological and addictive. Internet addiction is a broad term that covers a wide variety of behaviors and impulse control problems (Young, 1999). Dr. Kimberly S. Young has revealed in her study, about the concrete evidence supporting the internet addiction. This addiction could lead to the negative impacts to the teenagers. While teenagers are drowning in this kind of ‘Cyber Community ' for such a long period time, they are rejecting other important priorities and activities such as academic performance decrement, lack of doing physical and outdoor activities and easily expose to the negative environment. Teenagers nowadays spending more time using the internet rather than focus on their studies. This problem leads to the decrement of their academic performance. According to Levine, 2007, the amount of using the

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