Internet Addiction

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Internet Addiction To begin with, a brief background will be provided on the Internet Addition. Internet Addiction means a status that people are addicted to the internet activities, which include playing a computer game, reading pornographic information, focusing on online shopping and so on. Obviously, a man who has internet addiction would spend an enormous amount of time in the fictious world, this situation has a wide effect and thus it is worthwhile to have a discussion.This essay intends to explore the phenomena of increasing number of internet addicts and the issues that go with it. Its main focus will be the decline of physical quality and academic level. A number of solutions will then be proposed and evaluated as to their problem. “As of December 2002, about 665 million people uses the internet (eTForcasts; quoted from Chosunilbo, 2002). In Korea, the sixth largest internet country in the world, the number of internet users is up to 26.9 million, nearly 60% of the entire population.” [1]. It is obvious that the situation of internet addiction is extraordinarily severe. Nemorous people are rolling to the mendacious world and inextricably bogged down in. As the content of internet is more and more marvellous, more and more people turn into the netizen, meanwhile, part of the netizens prove to be the internet addicts. In addition, the average age of the internet addicts is lower than the past which means a increasing number of children start to come into contact
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